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No Kings: 4/20 Jam – Artist Spotlight

No Kings: Matt Cook Live - Written by Gale Hopping

No stranger to the stage Matt Cook and crew mix it up. I met Matt Cook about 4 or 5y ears ago when I started haning out with the infamous Photon (AKA Chris Campbell) proprietor/creator of Photon Light Boards.

I wasn't new to OB but I was new to the Newport avenue scene. I had all but lost my construction company, my father to death and the love of my life all within a few months of each other and one day in my misery I decided to hit the streets of Jimmy Buffetville (AKA Ocean Beach CA) and just get drunk for a while.

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Rebecca Jade & the Cold Fact: 4/20 Jam – Artist Spotlight

Rebecca Jade & The Cold Fact: Soulful Siren - Written by Gale Hopping

Maybe it's because I'm the son of a Sea Bee and a truck driver. I'm a sucker for strong independent women and Pin Up Dolls really get my attention quick.

I met Rebecca Jade last June while being cast in a commercial for Temptress Fashion along with my good friends Jezabelle Ann, Melanie Monsters & Caitanya Cook. The shoot took place at Winston's OB and during break we decided to slip over to The Joint for quick bite to eat.

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Chill Clinton: 4/20 Jam – Artist Spotlight

Chill Clinton: Not what you think - Written by Gale Hopping

When I hear the term DJ it always seems to give me knee a jerk reaction of memories of high school dances and wedding receptions.

Now don't get me wrong I loved Run DMC, DJ Jazzy Jeff  and the Fresh Prince in High School and still blast the Beastie Boy's from time to time but when most people say DJ. They are more often than not referring to a hobbyist.  

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