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San Diego Show Locator for Sunday Dec 30 – Monday Dec 31, 2012

Big thanks to Christofer Kaye Welter (AKA C-Money) for being so down to earth and hospitable each time he’s town. I had an amazing time last night at Winston’s OB chillin with C-Money and crew and Ry Mo’s (Drummer for Slightly Stoopid) 2 piece project – Agent 22 was AWESOME!! I have never seen anyone play a 12 String Gulatto and it was captivating to say the least. We will have some great photos to share later on today on our Gale Force Facebook page.

This Show Locator sponsored by Mother’s Saloon in Ocean Beach. Come out on NYE for our Cover FREE show at Mother’s


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San Diego Show Locator for Wednesday Dec 26 – Friday Dec 28, 2012

It looks like we’ve all survived another round of Christmas! What an awesome 5 day weekend with friends and family. Now it’s time to get back to a few days of work before we have another LONG weekend again 🙂 Loads of places around San Diego to go to ring in the New Year.
Don’t forget our Cover FREE Live music NYE show at Mother’s Saloon in OB with Babylon Rockers and Dub Grammer and The Art of Jimmy Ovadia!

Today’s Gale Force Show Locator brought to you by Bryan Harding Illustrations

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San Diego Show Locator for Friday Dec 21 – Monday Dec 24th 2012

Happy FRIDAY..we made it!!! Looking forward to that positive change in the World I’ve been hearing and reading about. Since the World DID NOT end it’s time to Celebrate. This Show locator covers Fri Dec 21st – Mon Dec 24th. TONIGHT there are over 60 places to choose your passion and your poison. Get out and enjoy your 5 day weekend be safe and have a very happy holiday.

This show locator sponsored by Gallagher’s Irish Pub in Ocean Beach

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San Diego Show Locator for Thursday Dec 20, 2012

San Diego Shows – Thursday December 20, 2012:

Hey Gang! Putting together today’s list it was quite surprising to find sixty different places to spend your evening tonight. YEAH I said 60!!! I guess since it’s supposed to be the end of the world and all it’s time to party 🙂
Check out our list and share it with your friends. Party responsible.

Today’s Show Locator Sponsored by Winston’s OB

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San Diego Show Locator for Wednesday Dec 19, 2012

Wednesday Dec 19, 2012:

Happy Hump Day everyone! It’s another beautiful December day here in San Diego so get out and enjoy it! Here is your 40+ show line-up for Americas Finest City! With the year coming to an end there will be lots to do around county for Christmas Cheer and for ringing in the New Year.

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Late September Show Locator

One more weekend of September left and festivities still abound. Here’s where to find fun times in this week’s SO-CAL SHOW LOCATOR:

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