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San Diego Event & Show Locator for Monday Jan 21 – Thursday Jan 24, 2013

Happy Monday! I really like having Mondays off and it’s shaping up to be a beautiful sunny San Diego week sunshine and 70’s.
FREE COMMUNITY MULTICULTURAL EVENT TODAY in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. at the WORLD BEAT CULTURAL CENTER IN BALBOA PARK. Here is the line up for the 24th Annual MLK Jr Family Fun Day – The Rastafarians – The Devastators – Piracy Conspiracy – J.A.M. Kwest – Revival – Maka & I Sight Band – WBC Drum & Dance Exhibitions: Red Warriors – Native American Dance – Cairo Beats – Egyptian Drum & Dance – African Dance – Capoeira – Brazilian Samba – Japanese Taiko @

Enjoy your extra day off and check out the many other events and shows listed in our weekly show locator. Always remember to party responsible. Use a designated driver or call for a ride.

This show locator sponsored by Bryan Harding Illustrations.

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San Diego Event & Show Locator for Friday Jan 18 – Monday Jan 21, 2013

THE SUN IS BACK 🙂 Happy Friday Everyone!! What a great week. Scotty Clayton’s Birthday party at the Belly Up with Beyond I Sight w/Gonzo and The Simpkin Project was boss it was great to see many SD live music supporters out in force. We will have photos up on our FB page later today.
Lots of greats shows this weekend with cover bands Badd Co. & ZZ Too at Brick By Brick tonight, Tommy Dubs and Seizmic Leveler, KNG MKR, & Piracy Conspiracy at 710 Beach Club on Saturday and Roots Factory 3 Year Anniversary at the Casbah. And on Monday – FREE Show – for MLK DAY at WorldBeat Cultural Center – Balboa Park.- The Rastafarians – Original California Reggae band with members from Jamaica – Show starts at noon – Rain or Shine!

Thanks for all of your support in sharing our page and letting your friends know about our SD event & show locator.  Now get out there have some fun and enjoy the weekend. Always remember to party responsible and use a designated driver or call for a ride.

This event & show locator sponsored by OB Rocks! Because it does 🙂

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San Diego Event & Show Locator for Tuesday Jan 15 – Thursday Jan 17, 2013

Happy Tuesday everyone! What a great weekend other than all the wind and cold. I think I have turned into a weather weenie since moving here nearly a decade ago lol!  Bryan made it down to the 91X anniversary party like good Stoopid Heads should while I hit up Project Out of Bounds @ Gallagher’s Irish Pub Thursday, Psydecar w/Sandollar at Winston’s Beach Club on Friday and Brother’s Gow at Mother’s Saloon on Sat. Then followed by NFL Playoff Sunday and some pub crawlin 😛

We will have some photographs from the last few weeks of shows up on our Facebook page later on today.
Details about our Party at Mother’s Saloon on Feb 16th with High Tide and Special Guest, Mike Pinto latter in the week. Here’s your SD show’s line up through Thursday. Be sure to check for updates 🙂  See you out and about!

This show locator sponsored by OB Rocks – a “one stop” for news, events, links, fun finds and hidden treasures in Ocean Beach, California.

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San Diego Event & Show Locator for Friday Jan 11 – Monday Jan 14, 2013

Happy Friday peeps!! A great night out with Project Out of Bounds killing it at Gallagher’s Irish Pub last night. It was my first time catching the opening act Cheezy and the Crackers, you can catch them with Subliminal Trip tonight  @ 710 Beach Club. I’ll be hitting up Winston’s tonight for Psydecar & Sandollar so come say hello if you make it out.

We will be adding another sponsor to our list next week so the word is out. If your looking for one source. Use Gale Force. We have packages for booking and promo that include photography, flier art and street team promotion. Keep those Facebook invites coming so we can be sure to have you listed on our event & show locator. Feel free to give us a call to talk about rates for sponsorship or booking opportunities in America’s Finest City.

Today’s San Diego Event & Show Locator is sponsored by Coastal Beauties

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San Diego Event & Show Locator for Tuesday Jan 8 – Thursday Jan 10, 2013

Happy Hum Day!! Over 45 shows on our list for today Wed Jan 9th. Last nights first edition of Battle of the Band at Winston’s OB went off and am looking forward to next weeks show. Today at Winston’s it’s open mic with Jefferson Jay after the OB Farmers Market then DJ Carlos Culture’s Club Kingston with  JAM K.W.E.S.T. At the OB Farmers Market @ 4pm Allan Land (Acoustic Folk) @ 5pm Grand Canyon Sundown brought to you by the O.B.M.A.
Rumor has it the High Tide may be playing with Special Guest Mike Pinto in February for a “Special Occasion” stay tuned for details!

Have fun and be safe out there while enjoying America’s Finest City and thanks for using Gale Force Productions. Today’s San Diego Event & Show Locator sponsored by Mother’s Saloon in Ocean Beach. Tonight Live Music From Jimmy Lewis of Superunloader.

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Extended – New Years Eve – San Diego Show Locator HAPPY 2013!

Thanks to all of the venues and promoters out there for putting me on your list of invites so I can help the masses find out what’s shakin in Americas’s Finest City. This addition of the Gale Force Show Locator is in addition to show listed on our last regular locator. Lots of last minute additions my apologies in advance for the duplicates. Be safe out there! Remember to call AAA if you need to for a TIPSY TOW. A complimentary ride and vehicle tow up to seven miles from the point of pickup to drivers who have consumed alcohol on New Year’s Eve and the Fourth of July. Tipsy Tow service is available to members and non-members. Ask for a Tipsy Tow by calling 1-800-400-4222.

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San Diego Show Locator for Sunday Dec 30 – Monday Dec 31, 2012

Big thanks to Christofer Kaye Welter (AKA C-Money) for being so down to earth and hospitable each time he’s town. I had an amazing time last night at Winston’s OB chillin with C-Money and crew and Ry Mo’s (Drummer for Slightly Stoopid) 2 piece project – Agent 22 was AWESOME!! I have never seen anyone play a 12 String Gulatto and it was captivating to say the least. We will have some great photos to share later on today on our Gale Force Facebook page.

This Show Locator sponsored by Mother’s Saloon in Ocean Beach. Come out on NYE for our Cover FREE show at Mother’s


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San Diego Show Locator for Wednesday Dec 26 – Friday Dec 28, 2012

It looks like we’ve all survived another round of Christmas! What an awesome 5 day weekend with friends and family. Now it’s time to get back to a few days of work before we have another LONG weekend again 🙂 Loads of places around San Diego to go to ring in the New Year.
Don’t forget our Cover FREE Live music NYE show at Mother’s Saloon in OB with Babylon Rockers and Dub Grammer and The Art of Jimmy Ovadia!

Today’s Gale Force Show Locator brought to you by Bryan Harding Illustrations

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